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How to Confidently Stay on Track This Year, and Reach Your Business Goals Faster & More Profitably.

(Without Burning Out)

Tap into the power of the ultimate “Advisory Group” as you join a thriving network of women business owners. Get the accountability, structure and SUPPORT you need to make more money, achieve your vision and create the business and life you love.

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Success in Business Doesn’t Happen by Just Working Harder

You’ve likely tried THAT already. And if you’re like a lot of women business owners, you’re not sure how to multiply your revenue streams without overstretching your resources, or juggling any more roles.
Problem #1

You’re Single-Handedly Running Your Business

You’re a female entrepreneur who’s brought a brilliant idea to life. You’ve been at the centre of it all for the longest time: from ideation to marketing, social media engagement to customer support.

You’ve worn every hat, trying to manage everything seamlessly.

Your business is growing but now demands more of you. With growth comes a creeping feeling of being on a rollercoaster.

It’s hard to know when to hire more team members, so you’re left doing almost everything yourself most of the time. And this can leave you exhausted.

HerBusiness understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurial women. We provide support, resources, and strategies to help you manage the increasing demands of your business, ensuring you don’t lose sight of your original passion.

Problem #2

You're Struggling to Scale and Manage Growth

While your business is undoubtedly growing, it feels less like an exciting momentum and more like a daunting challenge.

With growth comes complexities, and you find it hard to envision scaling your business when you’re just managing to stay afloat.

The idea of hiring more people sounds promising, but the time and expertise required to recruit, train, and manage the right team members seem out of reach.

HerBusiness steps in to guide you through these challenges.

We offer hiring and team-building guidance tailored for growing businesses like yours, ensuring you’re equipped with the strategies and knowledge needed to scale efficiently and effectively.

Problem #3

You Want an Easier and More Streamlined and Systemised Business Model

Your business was once a passionate project. But now, it’s a source of exhaustion. You yearn for the times when business felt light, easy, and fun — when you didn’t feel ‘under the pump’.

You’re looking for a growth plan that ensures consistent income (not a rollercoaster), reduces your stress, and brings back the joy you once felt, working with more of your ideal clients.

With HerBusiness, you can achieve exactly this. We introduce you to proven processes that create a consistent and reliable revenue stream.

More than just business mechanics, we help you reintegrate ease into your business model and growth, ensuring that your business and personal life flourish.

Introducing… HerBusiness

Join The Most Supportive and Collaborative Community For Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Growing and Scaling Their Businesses to Six Figures and Beyond without Burnout.

HerBusiness is a training and mentoring membership for women business owners who generate $100,000 or more in revenue and want to reach $250,000, $500,000 and beyond and get the rewards of a thriving, profitable and scalable business.

We help you create a successful business that gives you the income, impact and results you want — a reliable and steady income that is not solely dependent on you working harder.

Whether you have a fledgling business and big dreams and have been operating for a short period, and already seeing some growth.

Or, if you have 20+ years of experience navigating the ever-changing landscape of marketing, technology, automation and more… you’ll be in good company.

If you have yet to realise your business vision but know you have the potential, then the HerBusiness Network is for you.

HerBusiness Network members are women business owners passionate about learning and growing together.

As Seen In
I'd like to pay monthly at $197 a month *
I’d like to save $394 AUD and join with an Annual Membership.

Plus, get over $32,297 in bonuses when you join today.

Limited time Offer. Join Today and Claim Your Bonuses
* Monthly Membership is billed in 12 monthly payments of $197.

HerBusiness Network Members see Amazing Growth in Their Businesses Year on Year…

…in all different types of industries, online and offline, selling products OR services.


"I wanted to have the business knowledge to take my business to the next level - a profitable, viable business."

“When I started my business, I had next to no support in business terms. I didn’t have people around me who understood business.”

Today, Tasha has plans and marketing systems to direct her boundless energy into growing the business. She’s moved from 1:1 services to multiple leveraged services, like her podcast and her online course, that allow her to help more women than ever before. And she no longer has her time gobbled up by bright, shiny objects fighting for her attention.

In HerBusiness, Tasha has a community that supports her and new confidence in growing her ideal business.

“Business is finally financially rewarding and growing year on year.”

Tasha Jennings

Conceive Baby


"I don’t want to be told what to do. I want to make my own rules."

When Chantel joined the HerBusiness Network, she was getting some traction but had become stuck and unsure how to see the next level of growth in her business.

“I didn’t want just anyone to give me random ADVICE. I wanted a STRUCTURED PROCESS. I wanted somewhere that I was a part of, a paid arrangement and that I could really rely on as a SOUNDING BOARD. And that was the start of it.”

Today, Chantel has made huge leaps in her business, doubling her business year on year. The stability and growth in her business means she has hired a team of 9 people and has greater support, flexibility and time to spend with her family… so she can now work just 4 days a week.

As she closes in on a $3 million year (with $10 million in her sights), she has an increased feeling of control and a change in mindset – owning her role as the CEO of her business.

Chantel’s ideal business isn’t about owning just any business – it’s owning a business that gives her family the life they love.

Chantel Gilbert

Bluegum Electrical Solutions


"The best business decision I ever made.”

When Fiona clicked the link on an ad in her Facebook feed a few years ago, little did she know it would lead to a community that would help her create a business and life she loves and so many friendships.

She’s doubled Style Liberation’s revenue in the last two years and has gone from exchanging her time for money with 1:1 services to having multiple streams of leveraged income and building a thriving community with her 35+ Where to Shop Facebook group.

“Being in a COMMUNITY of LIKE-MINDED WOMEN with the SAME AMBITIONS and GOALS, being MENTORED and having that CHECK-IN with someone who has been there. That’s the GOLD that is HerBusiness!

If you’re a business owner looking to grow your business, build strong connections and learn from the best, HerBusiness is the Network for you.”

Fiona Keary

Style Liberation

I'd like to pay monthly at $197 a month *
I’d like to save $394 AUD and join with an Annual Membership.

Plus, get over $32,297 in bonuses when you join today.

Limited time Offer. Join Today and Claim Your Bonuses
* Monthly Membership is billed in 12 monthly payments of $197.

Hi, I’m Suzi Dafnis

For the past 29 years, I have helped thousands of women grow their businesses to multiple 6-figures and up into multiple millions of dollars — going from scratching the surface of a $100,000 year to scaling to a PROFITABLE and VIABLE BUSINESS using the SAME strategies I used to build my first business into a multi-8-figure company with a team of 45 staff with offices in Sydney, Auckland, and the United States.

While I’ve enjoyed business success, building five multi-million dollar businesses across three countries and in different industries, I’ve also experienced some MAJOR setbacks over the years.

Being a business owner can feel like being on a rollercoaster.

Sometimes you can feel on top of the world and in control and other times you can feel ISOLATED, EXHAUSTED and STUCK.

My experience has given me a unique and thorough understanding of what it takes to go from being a solopreneur to growing and scaling a successful and sustainable business.

Because I’ve grown:

I do what I love. Every. Day.

And, my BIGGEST JOY is the work that I do supporting HerBusiness Network members to get MOMENTUM and RESULTS.

My goal is to help you succeed – to GROW AND SCALE your business.

Running my own business has unlocked so much for me – financial freedom, personal power, confidence, creative expression, impact and much more.

And I know that it can for you TOO.

HerBusiness Members Are Growing Sustainable Businesses Without Burnout

“Increased my revenue more than 5 TIMES what it was.”

The investment in me has paid off many times over.

I now have a 6-figure business that’s more profitable and fun than when I wasn’t paying myself! And it’s scalable.

I’m so excited about where I can take things from here, including the number of women I can help thrive through menopause (5,000 women last year and even more this year!).

Angela Counsel
Embrace Program

“One of the best investments in my business…”

Joining the HerBusiness Network has been one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made in my business and in my own professional growth journey.

I feel connected to a diverse and knowledge-rich community of high-quality, like-minded business owners who enable and encourage me to play a bigger game and continuously both support me and keep me accountable for achieving my goals.

Suzi is genuine, authentic and unbelievably generous with her knowledge and expertise. She has a passion for seeing businesswomen flourish and succeed.

Kristy-Lee Billett
People Powered Business

“I wouldn’t have the business I have.”

HerBusiness is absolutely “awesome sauce”.

I wouldn’t have the business I have without Suzi’s inspiration.

HerBusiness has shaped my business and the woman I am.

Such a beautiful network of women to be a part of.

Greatest all-around business education and community out there!

Tina Tower and Her Empire Builder

I'd like to pay monthly at $197 a month *
I’d like to save $394 AUD and join with an Annual Membership.

Plus, get over $32,297 in bonuses when you join today.

Limited time Offer. Join Today and Claim Your Bonuses
* Monthly Membership is billed in 12 monthly payments of $197.

Women From Hundreds of Industries Have Discovered Australia’s Leading Network for Female Entrepreneurs.

…And Many More

As a woman growing and scaling your business, you need (and want) trusted answers from other women who have been where you are and successfully reached the next level.

You want answers from women who have successfully scaled their business…

…from 6 figures to 7 and from 7 figures to 8.

That’s what the HerBusiness Network was designed to do.

Get Your Annual HerBusiness Network Membership TODAY

12 Monthly Payments of


Great Value!
1 Annual Payment of
SAVE $394


Less than $38 a week

Limited time Offer. Join Today and Claim Your Bonuses

“I had 500% growth."

When Yvonne Shepherd walked along The Great Ocean Road in Victoria ten years ago with 12 other women, it inspired a journey into a new business that moved her towards her ideal business and life.

After year-on-year growth, the pandemic hit and Yvonne’s business was stopped in its tracks. Travel bans meant she had to cancel pre-booked adventures. With no quick resolution, Yvonne had to switch gears, pivoting to an online business model.

She dug deep into the resources inside HerBusiness. She used her knowledge and experience in community and adventure to create online experiences for thousands of women business owners and to create a MORE sustainable, MORE profitable seven-figure business.

“If I had not invested in my business education, I would still have a hobby.”

Yvonne Shepherd

CEO, Women’s Fitness Adventures

When You Join the HerBusiness Network, We Have Your Growth Covered for The Next 12 Months

Get instant Access to More than $19,068 in Member Benefits
Business Strategy Meetings

Set Your Quarterly Growth Plan

Stay Focused and Accountable

Designed for ambitious women entrepreneurs, these meetings focus on your business growth. In each dynamic half-day session, you’ll craft a Growth Plan for the upcoming quarter, ensuring clarity and focus and eliminating distractions.

Your Growth Plan is tailored to give you a clear direction for your Money, Marketing and Mindset and to optimise your business performance.

During the sessions, you’ll tackle your challenges with peer support, leading to actionable solutions for your business objectives.

You’ll leave with a comprehensive strategy, clear marketing and financial targets, and a 90-day action plan for measurable progress.

Beyond business growth, the focus is on your leadership development, enhancing your skills and mindset for sustained success.

Value: $3,900

Quarterly Online Networking Events
Collaborate with Like-Minded Businesswomen

A Space to Grow Together

There’s a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

That’s why we help you build authentic relationships that drive business success – without you spending any money! During our quarterly Online Networking Events, you’ll network, brainstorm, deepen connections, and collaborate with like-minded business owners to create a go-to group of women to support your business.

This pitch-free environment gives you the perfect ‘dose’ of networking, helping you and your business get known and grow — even if you’re an introvert.

It’s hard to grow when you’re the best-kept secret. Now, you don’t need to be.

No ‘icky’ networking feelings; these sessions are facilitated to help you get clarity and focus and build relationships with other entrepreneurs.

Value: $2,340​

“Being part of a community that you can relate to and seeing successful women who have been through the same struggles as me really motivates me to keep going during the low times. I also love having people to celebrate with during the highs.”

Adrianne Miller

Property Lifestyle Edit

“Nice to collaborate with like-minded business people. Great breakout group of awesome people. I got so much value out of today’s session. Thank you.”

Jackie Le Roux

Empower Opportunity

HerBusiness Growth Groups

Your Advisory and Accountability Group

Maintain Your Growth Momentum

Ever wish you could ‘pick the brains’ of women who are trying the things you are and succeeding?

Join like-minded peers in our monthly HerBusiness Growth Groups – intimate gatherings of up to 6 individuals.

Here, you can foster deeper connections, receive encouragement, and benefit from peer mentorship that helps you stay accountable towards your business goals.

Every month, you’ll be motivated, challenged, and inspired to achieve your desired outcomes with a supportive, intimate group of ambitious women.

This is a MEMBER FAVOURITE, with women seeing growth from the accountability and consistency the monthly Group check-ins provide.

Value: $2,364​

Exclusive HerBusiness Network Community

24/7 Access to Business Guidance and Support

Invaluable Answers and Collaboration

As a woman business owner, when you have a burning question, you need somewhere to get trusted answers – a place to ask where women and experts are listening and looking out for you.

The members-only online Group is a place to share ideas and ask questions of your fellow HerBusiness Network members… and where your Connection Network of new clients and suppliers will come to life.

The group is also a place to road-test new pricing, products and services and get trusted feedback and advice.

Think of the group as your 24/7 support system. It’s always there and always on, and a connection with one of your fellow Members is minutes away.


“I love this group so much.”

“So many other groups say they are supportive but they’re online pits of piranha… not HerBusiness.

Also, I am less susceptible to wobbles when I have the skills, so all the training in HerBusiness is pivotal. When I am connected to other business owners, it’s by talking, catching up, sharing experiences and getting advice that I realise that I’m further along than I remember.”

Belinda Weaver

Copywrite Matters

“Truly grateful for this group.”

“There is so much further to go with this journey, however, I want to recognise this group, Suzi Dafnis and the universe for connecting me with these wonderful women. For that, I am truly grateful.”

Nikki Cali

The HerBusiness Hub
Your Online Business Resource Centre

You Never Have to Re-Invent The Wheel

Need step-by-step training on how to hire your next team member or to create a 12-month marketing plan in just a few hours?

We’ve got you covered!

The HerBusiness Hub is where you access all your resources and get information about all our upcoming activities and member-only offers.

The Hub is also where you join the Member Directory and access member-only promotional opportunities for your business – including free advertisements in our newsletter.

Plus, you get access to Worksheets, Templates, our extensive Learning Library, and more – all FREE as part of your HerBusiness Network membership.

Value: $4,000​

“I love the abundance of resources from masterclasses to podcast episodes, templates and workbooks. I never feel like I have to reinvent the wheel.”

Amanda Paul

Brand Injection
“The HUB is a remarkable library of ‘how tos’ for my business. I have found so many REALLY good things in there.”

Alex Hanlon

Fair Pay Negotiations
The HerBusiness Member Directory
Expand Your Network & Meet Other Members!

Meet and be found by all our Members with your listing in our HerBusiness Member Directory.

Your peers inside the Network will become your Business Besties. This is where you can go to find a supplier, a potential new client, make a valued connection, and so much more.

Your listing in the Directory is where you can share your contact and company details as well as what you’re looking for.

For example, let’s say you want to create new strategic alliances… simply add that to your directory listing so any other member can see that and help you out!

This fully searchable and interactive directory is a goldmine for finding support, referrals and connections. And in terms of being found by your ideal clients, event organisers looking for speakers, podcasters looking for guests, and so much more!

Value: $1,000

Growth Guides and Templates
In-Depth Training Across Essential Business Areas

Take the Guesswork Out of What Works

Need a cheat sheet or template to plan, budget, write emails, interview clients, get testimonials, etc? We’ve made it super easy to get started.

FREE templates help you craft offers that sell, find more ideal clients, get more referrals and testimonials, and so much more.

We curate suggested podcasts, worksheets, free downloads and step-by-step actions to help you build a more sustainable business that gives you predictable results and less stress.

Value: $1,524​


Money Day

If you need a Money Breakthrough in your business…. you’re not alone.

This Bonus half-day session gives you the tools to reach and surpass your upcoming business financial goals.

We focus on your Money Plan for the coming Financial Year, setting you up for optimum revenue and profits. (June 2024).


Value: $1,970

“Looking at my profit regularly has made me realise my vision and big goals are achievable. It gives me peace of mind. I’ve developed a five-year forecast, and I’m working backward to determine what marketing activity I need and what products and services I need to offer to hit those goals. It’s made my goals tangible.”

Amanda Farmer

Your Strata Property

Planning Day

What’s your plan for the next 12 months? How much do you want to grow, and by when? What projects will you sideline, and which ones will make it onto your schedule?

These can be challenging questions to answer in isolation – especially when so many things are pulling your attention.

Planning Day lets you map out 12 months of activity and promotions to help you realise your revenue goals. (November 2024.)


Value: Over $1,970

“This has been a game-changer for me. We lay out the next year with clear markers for success. It’s like having a GPS for my business goals, making sure I’m on the right path to hit those goals.”

Loretta Brandolini

Reluminate Beauty

Invitation to the HerBusiness Growth Retreat

A Transformational Experience Exclusive to Members

Imagine getting away from the day-to-day to immerse yourself in planning your business. Imagine being surrounded by inspiring mentors and peers with time for deep conversations and exploring new relationships.

As a valued member, you receive an exclusive invitation to the annual HerBusiness Growth Retreat – a live, in-person event like no other.

Immerse yourself in a transformational experience where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs, discover different viewpoints, and get a deserved time to ‘reset’ your business and personal growth journey.

It’s time to pause, reflect and grow personally and in your business.

*Optional:  4-6 November 2024 — Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Port Douglas, Australia. The Retreat is an exclusive members-only in-person event. Hosted by Suzi Dafnis, the multi-day event includes time and space for you to work ON your business alongside mentors, peers and invited expert guests. Limited places are available. Additional attendance fees apply.

HerBusiness Supports You Across Your Day, Week, Month And Year

Your 12-Month Business Growth Plan

We come together for a 1/2-day online strategy meeting four times a year. You get guidance and time to work on your business growth strategy at these quarterly Business Strategy Meetings. These power-packed sessions feature guest speakers from our vast network of contacts, empowering you with new insights and opportunities, hot seats to find solutions to your business challenges, and a strategic growth focus (no fluff!). You develop your next quarter's Business Growth Plan with a strong emphasis on money, sales, marketing, and, most importantly, your mindset as the CEO of your business.

Every day, you can get support and network in the Members-Only Facebook Group and access over 300 pieces of training in your online learning library.

Every month, you will connect with your Growth Group (Accountability and Advisory Group) to stay on track with your goals & have a trusted sounding board for your ideas.

Quarterly, you can participate in HerBusiness Networking Events - powerful ways to connect with like-minded women and find collaborations, alliances and more.

We send you a BONUS influential book in our Book Club three times a year. We'll work through each book together - pulling out insights to help you implement the book's content in a way that makes sense for your business.

We come together at the HerBusiness Retreat - our annual members' gathering each year. Your invitation is included in your membership. (Additional tuition fees apply.)

And much more… including BONUS Business Planning and Money training days.

Plus, 24/7 access to the on-demand training and materials available through our private members-only HerBusiness Hub.

* Additional Costs Apply for the HerBusiness Annual Retreat. Limited spaces. Early bookings recommended.

A Super Bonus for Fast-Action Takers

Value: $2,000

A Special Bonus for Fast-Action Takers

The NEW Small Business Finance Course

The Small Business Finance Course is an essential online program for women who want to master their money.

Brand New and updated for 2024, this on-demand online program covers the fundamentals of financial planning, cash flow improvement, making financial data actionable, and making strategic decisions that increase your bottom line and profitability.

You’ll learn to create budgets, enhance profitability, and manage your finances efficiently, even if you don’t have experience managing your finances.

The course includes practical resources like templates and case studies, ensuring you can apply concepts directly to your business. Key topics include understanding financial terms, budgeting, cash flow strategies, business structures, money mindset, reports and how to get the most out of your bookkeeper and accountant.

And… I’m Here As Your Guide.

I am actively participating in the network — answering your questions, connecting you with other women, and supporting you in getting the most from your HerBusiness Network membership.
I'd like to pay monthly at $197 a month *
I’d like to save $394 AUD and join with an Annual Membership.

Plus, get over $32,297 in bonuses when you join today.

Limited time Offer. Join Today and Claim Your Bonuses
* Monthly Membership is billed in 12 monthly payments of $197.
But Wait! There’s Even More Goodness Here For You...

Get These Bonuses!

I want your HerBusiness Network membership to help you succeed in your business. That’s why I’m including some bonuses to help you get your membership working for you FASTER.

So, I’m doing something CRAZY!

When you join HerBusiness this week, you get over $32,297 in BONUS value. (NOT JOKING – check out all your bonuses below.)

This offer expires this week.


Online Learning Library

You get immediate access to an existing library of Masterclasses and Webinars – more than 300 online training webinars with some of the world’s most prominent business experts. All are completely and easily searchable to take you to the solution you’re seeking quickly.

Topics range from how to generate leads to hiring, using social media effectively, creating a marketing plan, getting more referrals and leads, systemising your business… and much more.
This always-available online library makes it easy to dip in any time, from wherever you want. Usually $97 per training, your BONUS LIBRARY is over $29,100 in value. And we add to it each month.

Training From Business All-Stars — Get instant access to exclusive training with experts like Amy Porterfield, Gabby Bernstein, Seth Godin, Mike Michalowicz, Marie Forleo, Robert Cialdini, Guy Kawasaki, Kate Northrup, Kim Kiyosaki, Gretchen Rubin, Pat Flynn, Denise Duffield Thomas and more world-class speakers, best-selling authors and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Value: $29,100


The HerBusiness Book Club

As a HerBusiness Network Member, 3 times a year, you’ll get a best-selling business book hand-picked by me.

We’ll work through each book together – pulling out insights to help you implement the book’s content in a way that makes sense for your business.

The books are specially selected to help you grow your business, get new clients, generate more leads, make more connections, and streamline your marketing and messaging to reach more people.

Value: $197

(Plus member-only facilitated book study. Another $300 in value.)

“Book Club is my favourite! Super excited to dive in.”

Erica Webb


“Your FIRST 90 Days” Coaching Session!

Your business growth starts the moment you join the HerBusiness Network! Get into immediate action at the “Your First 90-Days” Coaching Session!

This 2.5-hour group coaching session with Suzi Dafnis is the perfect KICK OFF for your annual membership and will get you immediately into the 90-day Planning and Action Cycle that is central to your success.

In the “Your First 90-Days” Coaching Session, you will:

Get coaching and support along the way and experience real-life examples in live hot seats during the session. Leave this session with your next 90 days clearly designed.

Value: $1000

That’s $32,297 In Benefits and Bonuses
Included in Your Annual Membership
all for One LOW Monthly Payment
Pay 12 monthly payments at $197 a month
(Or SAVE $394 AUD When You Pay For The Year In Full!)

Here’s What To Do Next

You’re almost there! Simply choose your Membership Plan to get started.


Choose Your Membership Plan

Choose either 12 payments of $197 (billed monthly), or one annual payment of $1,970 (and save $394).


Watch The Welcome Video For Next Steps

I think you’ll love the welcome we have prepared for you. Your fellow members are SO looking forward to meeting you.


Introduce Yourself In Our Facebook Group

Next, you’ll join the AWESOME HerBusiness Connections Facebook Group and start to build your Connection Network.


Get Ready To Begin Your Journey

It’s that easy! Your journey will begin right at that moment as we take care of you and share support straight away!

This Offer Is Genuinely Limited!

We only have membership open for a limited time.

I'd like to pay monthly at $197 a month *
I’d like to save $394 AUD and join with an Annual Membership.

Plus, get over $32,297 in bonuses when you join today.

Limited time Offer. Join Today and Claim Your Bonuses
* Monthly Membership is billed in 12 monthly payments of $197.

The HerBusiness Network is NOT Right for Every Business Owner

So, let me ask you...

Are you...

How would your life change if you had...

Growing You. Growing Your Business.

HerBusiness Network members are women business owners passionate about learning and growing themselves, their businesses and each other.

Whether you have a fast-growing business and big dreams and have been operating for a short period, or you come with 20+ years of experience navigating the ever-changing landscape of marketing, technology, automation and more…

You’ll be in good company if you want to grow and scale your business from six to seven figures.

If you have yet to realise your vision for your business (the income, the impact and the results) but know you have the potential, then the HerBusiness Network is for you.

If you’ve got this far and you’re reading this, this is what I know:

Something tells you that there’s a better path. A path to get the results you want. Or a path to make this experience of growing your business more fun, creative and joyful. 

You started your business with a vision. Maybe it was a vision to change the world – or perhaps it was a vision to support you and your family.

Whatever you have imagined, you are driven to make it succeed.
If you believe anything is possible with the proper support, expert advice, a safe place to ask questions and get answers, and a total focus on what matters to you and your business, then HerBusiness is for you.

Who is the HerBusiness Network for

The HerBusiness Network IS NOT FOR YOU If…

The HerBusiness Network IS FOR YOU If…

Will the HerBusiness Network Work for Me?

If you’ve read this far, then I know that you’re serious about growing your business. But, there could be a few thoughts running through your mind. And since you’ve got this far, it’s time I let you know that I am pretty direct – with LOVE! ❤️ So let’s look at some of the concerns I know you might have…

I get it. We’re all busy, and we all have plenty of commitments, whether it’s family, aging parents, or health issues. Or simply the day-to-day running of the business.

But be honest with yourself. If you do nothing, nothing will likely change. A great Mentor once said, “Time passes, whether you do anything or not”. I’ve always kept that in mind when considering new opportunities that are presented to me.

I often think about Fiona Keary of Style Liberation, a busy Mum with two young boys, one with special needs. Fiona amazes me with the growth of her business (doubled in the last two years) despite demands on her time from many directions.

Fiona is crystal clear on the Vision she holds for herself, her business and her family, and as a result, time just seems to work itself out. She has accountability and regular check-ins and uses the resources, support and advice available to her inside the Network. She’s growing year on year and building a team that helps her get out of the day-to-day and moves her into a leadership role in her business.

Think of the HerBusiness Network as a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 52 weeks-a-year business school. We’ve already prepared a 12-month Growth Plan that you can adapt and make your own to lead you to YOUR goals and dreams.

Rich education, support, advice, experience, connections, accountability, trusted advice, referrals and potential clients are available to you inside the Network, making it way more than a coach or a course.

Women who have belonged to the Network for 2, 5, 10 or 15+ years have commented that this is a place where they can trust other women to support them. Being a member saves them time and money. And they get trusted and useful ‘next steps’ on their path as they grow their businesses.

I get it! Perhaps it doesn’t scare the life out of you – but it does make you feel nervous or squeamish. The butterflies are up and about – and certainly not in formation.

What I can tell you is that this is entirely normal. Being an introvert myself (along with, I would say, 50%+ of our Members), I know how important it is to feel safe in a business environment. The HerBusiness Network is a safe and caring environment. It’s designed to support you to become known so that you become liked and trusted. We aim to help you find a way to participate that is comfortable for you entirely.

Of course, if I think you will benefit from some ‘tough love’, I will undoubtedly be very respectful and provide it in a supportive and appropriate way.

Don’t you love that little voice in your head? You know, the one that just said, “I’m not a voice” or… “what’s she talking about? I don’t have a voice in my head”.

Here’s the truth. We are where we are. We can’t do anything about what has got us to this point. But of course, we CAN do something about where we’re going. One small change today can significantly change where you end up and the growth you can see in your business in the next 12 months.

Whether you think you should know it all or there’s still a lot to learn – you’re in the perfect place. I know, you’ve heard that before. But the truth is – I BELIEVE it. I really do. Over the last 29+ years, I have seen women achieve results they previously thought impossible. Some results were massive, some not so huge, but all were meaningful and vital.

Ask that little voice in your head to take a rest. Thank it for everything it contributes to you, and then… take control.

You’re right! There is. I don’t know about you, but when I go looking for information, education, suppliers, and advice – I am rarely satisfied with the FREE stuff. I never know what to trust. I never know what to believe. I want to know if it’s a source that I can trust.

The HerBusiness Network provides a proven track record for helping women grow their businesses and a rich abundance of support, education, advice and accountability. Whether you need to learn a new skill, have a sounding board for your ideas, get a new supplier, try a new marketing approach or find new clients; the HerBusiness Network is a unique and supportive environment that will help you take action and progress.

Whether you sell a product, a service, a solution, a consultancy, or a trip to the moon – business is business!

In fact, over the years, I have learned way more from working alongside companies vastly different from mine than what I’ve learned from my competition. I’ve learned from those industries and those business ideas that have given me a massive competitive edge.

For example, when I took what I learned from working in the music industry in the early days at Virgin in Australia and applied these lessons directly to my educational events business — we flew right past our competitors.

Or the experiences that one of my friends has taken from Netflix.

She applied the lessons directly to her T-shirt business and outsmarted her competitors.

There is no monopoly on good ideas or best business practices. I can guarantee you that the broader your exposure to other businesses, the better entrepreneur you will become.

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve suffered from the Shiny New Object Syndrome. It’s where we swing from one perceived solution to another perceived solution. Perhaps it’s the next best software solution. Or the next best course. I get it. I’ve been there and done that.

That’s why I have very intentionally designed the HerBusiness Network Member Benefits in a way that supports you to focus and take action on the next thing that will get you the best possible result.

This is not about a ‘Firehose’ of information coming at you. This IS about you making progress in the area that will give you the best possible result for what you need next.

Business success is EVOLUTIONARY, not REVOLUTIONARY. It requires focus and commitment to doing what will get you the next needed result.

Perhaps your business hasn’t turned out to be as viable as you thought.

This means that you might benefit from a fresh approach, pivoting the concept towards a more sustainable business model.

Your HerBusiness Network membership can help with that.

Some people who tell me they’ve tried everything have a closed mind. And there’s not much I can do about that – other than to tell you the truth.

If you’re willing to consider different points of view, then great. If not, then I don’t like the chances of anything working for you.

Another typical response I hear is: “I get stuck. I don’t understand.”

But, when I ask questions, I find that this person has been stuck for a while.

And their BIG issue – is asking for help from peers, their tribe or community and mentors. You HAVE to seek advice and support.

If ever I have felt like this… like there was no way forward, I have had to take an in-depth look at myself – and ask myself whether I am really trying.

Am I really giving this all I can? Once I connect with what I really want, I realise I have to keep taking that next step — because there’s no such thing as overnight success in business.

If you’ve been in business for a while and already have great products and/ or services and a good client list — you may want a more reliable way to get referrals and repeat business and access to support to get more partners, alliances and suppliers. You’ll quickly make progress, leveraging the work you’ve already done.

And, if you’re starting out in business, you’ve got clients, and you’re getting some traction, but you’re looking to grow your client base… and discover how to find many more of your ideal clients — you’re also in the right place. We’ll start by setting up sturdy foundations — clarifying your 12-month goals and plans so that you can reach more people, clarify your message, package and price your offers (so that you’re earning what you’re worth), create a plan for growing a sustainable business that you lead.

Over 12 months, you can make meaningful progress in any area of your business that you choose to. — but especially in your Money, Mindset and Marketing.

You might want to set up better systems to be more organised. Or figure out how to hire the right people. Or go from selling 1:1 to working with groups of people. Or from Offline to Online.

At HerBusiness, you’ll set your goals and get support working towards them with the HerBusiness Growth Plan and resources inside our library of incredible pieces of training, templates and guides.

With a bit of dedication and commitment — and by following our well-laid-out plan, you will get a return on your investment MANY times over.

Got more questions?

Use the Live Chat on this page, or call us on 1300 720 120 (or +61 2 8332 5400).

We’ve Helped Thousands of Women to Make Business Breakthroughs

“Confidence I’m On The Right Track”

“So much time can be wasted going down a rabbit hole of self-doubt and frustration. It’s confidence-robbing – a downward spiral.

The ENCOURAGEMENT and FEEDBACK I get from HerBusiness gives me the confidence that I’m on the RIGHT TRACK!”

Gillian Erskine

Piano Teaching Success

“My Best Business Investment”

“This network remains (as I celebrate my 10th year in business next year) the BEST investment I make in myself and my business. This community is one of my favourite places to be.”

Amey Lee

Heart Content

“My Primary Support”

“The HerBusiness Network is my primary support. I know someone will always be there to point me in the right direction for all my questions.”

Tracey Bode


“I Have Clarity And Know I’m Not Alone”

“Being a member of HerBusiness has helped in so many ways.

Knowing I am not alone in the challenges and uncertainties of running a business is such a GREAT THING.

That is where the HerBusiness COMMUNITY comes in. We may all be in different BUSINESSES, but our CHALLENGES are usually very similar.”

Jayne Gallagher

Honey & Fox

What is a breakthrough worth to you and your business?

Let’s talk about the value of this opportunity and what it will be worth to you.

What is it worth to you?

Making a breakthrough in growing your business might seem insignificant right now. Think about the last time you felt in the ‘zone’. Remember the confidence you felt.

Confidence shows up in all areas of life. Developing you and your spirit is good for your business – it’s GREAT for all areas of life.

What is it worth to those you love?

Maybe you dream of contributing to your family or friends in a way you’ve never been able to. What if a small breakthrough changes the financial trajectory of your business by 5 or 10%? Modest numbers, I know, but when you start to do the math, a 5% improvement in the bottom-line this year can mean massive growth in where you will end up in 5 years.

Growing your business to allow you more time and freedom to spend with those that you love, either day-to-day or through travel and adventure, is often a result I see. How will this impact those that you love?

What is it worth to the impact you can have?

Many women in the HerBusiness Network have inspirational goals – contributing to their local community or society at large. Either directly through their business endeavours or through the financial capacity that their business allows, they can give back in ways meaningful to them.

What impact could you have on the community that would inspire you to reach new heights?

And Here’s a Little More “Truth Telling Suzi!”

As a business owner, you may have already tried getting support for your business. Buying courses. Joining Facebook Groups. Attending lunches. Most organisations don’t have a proven PLAN for your GROWTH.

The HerBusiness Network is not some cheap fly-by-night Idea.

It’s a world-class, well-designed and incredibly successful Network for women who are definitely serious about being in business. With almost 30 years of experience and having supported thousands of women in business, I am 100% confident in what it delivers.

But… here’s the reality

You have options.
Because you can continue to go down the path you’ve been on...

…flying solo or going from one thing to the next (which can be costly and frustrating). You can attend more lunches, breakfasts and dinners and do umpteen courses… and still end up no better off with no more happiness, profit or any sustainable relationships.

But, you already know that this approach doesn’t give you the Connections, Relationships and Results you need. Most of all these other options do not give you the ONGOING support you need to really turn this business into the one you dreamed of.

Also, none of these come with a money-back guarantee.

And the HerBusiness Network Makes the MOST sense…
I have been around long enough to know that there are plenty of promises out there. Lots of courses. Lots of experts. Lots of coaches…

Don’t get me started!

I have been doing this work for over 28 years – and I honestly believe it’s my life’s work. I am passionate and dedicated to supporting women like yourself to make progress, get the results they need to grow and scale their business, and ultimately realise the vision they have for themselves and their life.

I stand behind everything we offer – and that includes your investment in the HerBusiness Network.

100% No RISK Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your HerBusiness Membership, let us know within 30 days and you’ll get a 100% no-questions-asked refund. This is a 100% Risk Free Investment for you.

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